Danavox Hearing Aid Repair

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It has to Happen
But It Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle!

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Quality Hearing Aid takes the Hassle out
of Danavox Hearing Aid Problems

Save money – skip the salesman
Direct access to the repair lab
Repair for all ages of Danavox hearing aids
Stay in control of your hearing aid repair
Get answers about your Danavox hearing aid repair

Quality Hearing Aid Repair Makes
Your Life Easier!

Hear & enjoy life
Excellent & personal service & repair
Enjoy life through better hearing
Receive fair and honest treatment

Why we care about your Danavox hearing aid repair 

About 30 years ago my father brought his broken hearing aids in for repair to a local hearing aid shop. Upon looking at the hearing aids the salesman said, “Those are sealed units and can’t be repaired.” With that he through the hearing aids in the trash can! My father bought new hearing aids that day (but also dug his old hearing aids out of the trash when the salesman left the room).

I decided that day that I would never disregard someone like that. I got into the hearing aid repair industry, and years later I repaired those hearing aids for my dad.

-Bob Bare


Don’t wait to repair your Danavox Hearing Aid Repair!

Life, friends, and family, are too important to miss out on. Danavox Hearing Aid is here to restore the music of life. Don’t miss out any longer; get your hearing aid repaired with:

  • 6-month repair warranty* for defective parts & workmanship
  • Fast, friendly service
  • No age limit for hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing aid repair for all brands and types

*Warranty does not cover misuse or improper maintenance

Get your Danavox hearing aid repaired Today!

Don’t wait any longer to start hearing life again; just click the button below to get started with your hearing aid repair.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the hearing aid  repair form
  • Print the form
  • Send in your hearing aid for repair

*Warranty does not cover misuse or improper maintenance

Save Money On Hearing Aid Repair

When you take your hearing aid to your local hearing aid dispenser or audiologist they will usually send it to the manufacturer and charge you as much as $600 per hearing aid repair, or more!

Our hearing aid repairs come with a 6-month warranty and since you skip the salesman you only pay $275 per hearing aid repair. Return shipping is included at no charge.

Just a few quick tip on the shipping.  Make sure to use a crush proof container for the shipping and send in a way that gives you a tracking number!

Our standard repair includes most everything normally shone to wear out most frequently over time like the speaker/receiver, microphone, battery door, buttons, wires etc.  Over 90% of the repair requests we receive can be accomplished for only $275 per hearing aid repair.

Our standard charge does not include amp/circuitry, RIC receivers, cases, etc. – if there are any additional charges for these types of parts we will contact you for authorization in advance of performing repairs.

So don’t wait! Fill out the hearing aid repair form here:

Call us with questions!

If there is any way we can help you, just call 1-844-874-4225.

You can also email customerservice@qualityhearingaidrepair.com. We’re here to take the hassle out of hearing aid repair!


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